The Work

Praxis works with life sciences organizations both in the Midwest region and across the world. You will work on some of their high profile projects, solving their most challenging problems. Additionally, we have strategically located our offices near our clients, to promote collaboration and allow for you to have a personal life.

The Team

Praxis Front Door ChicagoOur Associates have the ability to work alongside both Senior Managers at Praxis, and Senior Leadership in our clients. We have a diverse group of Associates here, including MBAs, PhDs, engineers, and so on. This eclectic background allows us to staff our engagements with the perfect mix of team member experience that our clients need.


Instantly, you become part of our dynamic team, providing immediate impact both to our clients and here at Praxis. Your career path is based 100% on your ability and motivation, so you define your future. Additionally, we are always looking to make our clients better and improve upon ourselves, which means you’re going to be continuously acquiring and refining your industry expertise and consulting skills.


We are currently hiring for the positions below. To be considered, you must apply online. Click on the position to apply: